Nature being hindered by dirty stuff

Objective: To create a new, reliable internet market that is not only profitable but is also environmentally friendly.

As the environmental movement increases in momentum, more and more markets will emerge for environmentally friendly products. However, much of the market will be made up of bogus products and scams. In this attempt to reduce the number of people who are scammed out of their money, I propose to create a company that works similar to the way Newegg works, except specifically selling environmentally friendly products at low but profitable prices. This has never been done before, despite the hype about being environmentally friendly.

This company will not create any particular product, but will be an intermediary between major companies and the consumers, and will only sell products considered environmentally friendly by the consumers as well as by scientific evidence. This position as a retailer will not be simply for profit. It will also be a place for a repository of

information concerning each individual product and the companies that are placed on the site. While the companies will be allowed to make small advertisements on the website, the consumers will be able to post comments in order to assure quality control of both the products and the companies. Companies and products that are rated to be bad will be removed from the website and banned from being sold unless large amounts of requests (with reproducible scientific evidence) are made to re-instate the products. Although this will not be a very good motivator for companies to join in the beginning, once Greener Markets succeeds, it can possibly become one of the many measuring basis for the reputation of companies claiming to be green.

In order to gain credibility, Greener Markets will try to adopt all ISO 14000 standards that are applicable to the company (since some of them require the company to actually exist first) and do its best to do environmentally friendly actions only. However, before becoming an indicator for the environmental friendliness of major companies, many compromises have to made to get companies to be willing to allow Greener Markets to supply their products in the first place. It will be very unlikely that a start-up company would have the leverage to be able to include contract-termination clauses that allow for companies to be dropped when their ratings drop significantly. However, contracts can be made to specify that Greener Markets will only sell products that are considered environmentally friendly by customers.

In order to maintain our credibility, we will also make it a point to have the merchandise sent in environmentally friendly ways. The Styrofoam and bubble wrap will be biodegradable. The boxes will be made from recycled cardboard. The deliveries will most likely be made by only UPS because it is the only delivery company that has shown attempts to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions significantly, as well as the fact that it is much cheaper to use UPS than any other reliable company.

Employees have to be hired to help maintain the respectability of comments made by customers. Explicatives should not take up any of the data found in comments. Programmers have to be hired to maintain and improve the website. Secure transfer protocols have to be implemented to ensure the safety of customer identity and money. People have to be hired to package orders together. Scientists have to be hired to test products and read new papers concerning companies that claim to provide green products. Public relations people have to be hired to help advertise the company. Customer service representatives have to be hired as well. As for the physical company, space has to be found to accommodate the employees and computers that the employees use. Telephones and tables have to have space to be placed into to receive incoming calls. Also, at least one warehouse will have to be purchased or at least leased in order to have most of the items in stock, allowing for orders to be packaged rather than wait for items to be shipped to the company and then shipped again to the buyer. Finally, simply because it is a good practice, lawyers will be hired to ensure that large, powerful companies do not try any tricks with their contracts and to fend off frivolous lawsuits from random people.

To get word out to the public that there is a new way to help the Earth, many many advertisements will be placed all over other websites. They will not be randomly strange animations with images that do not belong to the promotion of Greener Markets. They will be respectable advertisements that are not distracting, and yet, are noticeable. They will not have links, however, but will rather simply be advertisements, so people who place their mouses over the advertisements will see that there is no attempt to scam them in any way. In fact, the strangeness of the advertisements not having links would probably get people to visit the websites by themselves.

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